Welcome to DIATRON

Diatron is located in Svedala between Malmö and Sturup airport. Diatron offers services in electronic production and product development with focus on electronics and software.

Diatron have many years of experience as a trusted partner in the development of a variety of products and product systems in electronics. This includes everything from simple to complex electronic intelligence systems.

Choosing Diatron as a partner means long term profit. We take responsibility in the long run and perform service, maintenance and repairing of older units even after the warranty period has expired.

We also have the broad knowledge and experience to undertake full responsibility for service of electronic systems from other manufacturers.

We follow the development of new technologies and provide suggestions for improvements and cost savings. We also take care of problems that occurs when the components are no longer available on the market and must be replaced by alternative solutions.

Diatron also offers consulting of several types: advice and innovation when new technology is introduced, review of existing designs and proposals for better and more cost-effective solutions, risk assessment, separate EMC measurements of existing products followed by proposals for action and independent CAD layout for the customer's own design.

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